Katy Fryd - Artist

What Katy didn't do.

In the summer of 1998 Katy came up with the idea of spraying a zebra crossing on the road of Headcorn high street as the cars had become faster and more frequent than when she was a little girl. It was getting harder and harder to get across the road safely.

Around that time her father had knocked an old lady down (although not seriously hurt) and had gone to the Parish Council to request a crossing. He was told at that meeting that a crossing was not viable until it became an accident blackspot which meant a few people had to be killed or seriously injured.

This astounded Katy and she decided to spray paint her own zebra crossing onto the road. Her father explained that this would not be safe and so she settled on the idea of an 'animal' zebra.

She practised her technique on some old board and made meticulous plans.

She woke her brother in the night, around two o'clock in the morning, and got him to help her.

She made him lie in the road and masking taped around his figure and then taped a zebra animal next to him. Quickly darting behind the old barber's cabin (no longer in existance) when a few odd cars came through.

Katy then sprayed over the makeshift stencils and lastly pulled up all the tape to leave the final result.

The next day she called the local TV news Meridian Tonight and left an anonymous message and they came down to Headcorn to film it for their "And finally...".

zebra two

And she chuckled to herself when she saw the local Parish councillors discussing it near the roadside.

A month later she returned to Headcorn to find a Kim Attwood was collecting signatures for a petition she was organising for a proper crossing to be put in the High Street.

Not long after this time a traffic light crossing was built in the very same section of the road that the Zebra was painted on, right in front of the George and Dragon public house. A Victory!!

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Of course none of the above is true. It would have been highly irresponsible and illegal for Katy to have acted in this way. This is not the correct process for such matters. The culprit was never discovered and remains a Headcorn mystery to this day.