Katy Fryd - Artist

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What I can do for you:

If you are a curator looking for an artist to create a piece of work or many works for your exhibition I would be happy to consider the opportunity.

Or perhaps you are an art collector and are interested in purchasing some of my work.

You may wish to contact me directly through my contact form here! or subscribe to the mailing list below to get updates on my exhibitions and opportunities to purchase my work.

About me

I am a visual artist living in Kent. At the moment, I mainly make paintings in oil and on silk. A clear theme running through all of my work is that of an interest in psychology and how our life experiences affect us and the way we behave. My artworks are full of narrative, with which I want to evoke emotion and empathy. I work on subjects including love, domestic violence, birth trauma and autism.

My background is in Time-Based Media which I studied at the University of Lincolnshire and Humberside. This involved film, video, performance and sound art, so although I have retreated to paint, I still have a love and a desire for bigger installations and performance.

I am interested in the intuitive and subconscious development of images. I don't sit in my studio waiting for an idea to strike but life throws images into my brain all the time, I'll sketch out those ideas as soon as I can and then start work on it as a painting at some point in the future. It can transform from the initial idea depending on my feel for the aesthetic of the piece.

Therefore my work is not of a realistic nature but a quasi-reality that has been translated through my subconscious and is how I see the world. Text is also important in my work and is quite often featured in my paintings. This can give some hints to the viewer, but is not a complete and direct explanation, leaving the response open. Many of my paintings are a translation of my emotional responses into images. My aim is to evoke empathy and narrative from the final piece of work. Some of the subjects in my paintings can be uncomfortable but the imagery is softened by the colours and shapes. I like the idea of the unacceptable becoming acceptable and aesthetic.

"I create work because I have to. If someone wants to buy it, I will usually sell it. But this is is my vocation"